Fees & Scholarships


MAPS tuition fees are set at € 5,000 for 2017/18.

They include the enrolment fee to the University of Turin, the course material, the use of Collegio and University facilities (e.g. library, e-resources), access to on-campus seminars.

Payment is to be made in three instalments:

  • 1st  non-refundable instalment of 10% of the fee within two weeks of admission;
  • 2nd instalment of 50% of the fee within October 2017;
  • 3rd instalment of 40% within January 2018.

Health insurance may be provided free of charge to successful applicants who need that in order to get their visa and are not covered by their own health insurance fund. This is a benefit worth approximately € 600.

A limited number of partial tuition waivers may be available, on a competitive basis, to particularly promising students. The amount of the waiver is determined on a case by case basis. In order to compete for partial tuition waivers the applicant must tick the relevant box in the application form. To secure the waiver the selected students must accept the offer and pay the non-refundable University enrolment fee of € 574 within two weeks of admission.


Applicants are encouraged to apply for external scholarships made available from institutions in their home country or international organizations, including philanthropic institutions. Please be aware that most scholarship opportunities have an early Spring deadline.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a scholarship programme for foreign students proficient in Italian. Visit the programme website

Collegio Carlo Alberto Scholarships
The Collegio Carlo Alberto may award up to 4 scholarships worth € 3,000 net each, plus full tuition waivers (except the University enrolment fee) to exceptionally promising students who could not otherwise afford participating in the MAPS. An additional scholarship application form is requested to this aim. The Collegio retains the right not to award some or any of the scholarships. To secure the scholarship and waiver the selected students must accept the offer and pay the non-refundable University enrolment fee (€ 574) within two weeks of admission.