Dino Gerardi wins prestigious ERC grant

Congratulations to Carlo Alberto Chair Dino Gerardi for being awarded an ERC Consolidator grant for the period 2014-2018. As it is well-known, these multi-year grants awarded by the European Research Council are extremely selective. Indeed, in the 2013 wave and across all types (Starting, Consolidator, Advanced), Dino's is one of only two ERC grants awarded in the field of economics (sub-panel SH1) to researchers working in an Italian institution, and one of only 13 grants awarded in all the social sciences (panel SH) to Italian-based researchers. 

Dino won the grant for a project titled "Decentralized Markets with Informational Asymmetries," in which he analyzes trading situations in which some of the parties possess superior information about critical aspects of the environment. It is well understood that informational asymmetries are responsible for one of the most serious forms of market inefficiency. The goal of the project is to provide a systematic analysis of decentralized markets with repeated trading. The investigation will shed light on the properties of various commonly used trading mechanisms and will inform about possible remedies to make them more efficient. This will contribute substantially to the design of adequate institutions and to the regulation of markets. 

The following is a link to a brief article (in Italian) on Dino’s grant published by the Italian news agency Ansa: