CHILD 60/2017
Maternal Depression, Women’s Empowerment, and Parental Investment: Evidence from a Large Randomized Control Trial
Victoria Baranov, Sonia Bhalotra, Pietro Biroli and Joanna Maselko

CHILD 59/2017
Mother's Time Allocation, Child Careand Child Cognitive Development
Ylenia Brilli

CHILD 58/2017
Early Childcare and Child Non-Cognitive Outcomes
Daniela Del Boca, Enrica Maria Martino and Chiara Pronzato

CHILD 57/2017
An Efficiency Comparison of Means Testing Tools: Money Metric or Counting Approach?
Martina Menon, Federico Perali and Eva Sierminska

CHILD 56/2017
Collective Household Welfare and Intra-household Inequality
Jean-Paul Chavas, Martina Menon, Elisa Pagani, and Federico Perali

CHILD 55/2017
Does increasing compulsory education decrease or displace adolescent crime? New evidence from administrative and victimization data
Ylenia Brilli and Marco Tonello

CHILD 54/2017
The case for NIT+FT in Europe. An empirical optimal taxation exercise
Nizamul Islam and Ugo Colombino