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May 6, 2016

2016 Vilfredo Pareto Lecture: “Employment and Wage Insurance within Firms”

Marco Pagano (Università di Napoli Federico II)



The Collegio Carlo Alberto is a joint venture of the Compagnia di San Paolo and the University of Torino. Its mission is to foster research and education in the social sciences.



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  • Alessandro Barattieri

    Alessandro’s research focuses on three main areas: the impact of asymmetries in trade liberalizations on the dynamics of external imbalances, the dynamics of prices and wages, and their macroeconomic implications, the implications of the interconnectivity within the financial sector

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    Alessandro Barattieri
  • Ignacio Monzon

    highlights that the “wisdom of crowds” may at the same time be beneficial and detrimental. Individuals learn from each other, but crowds may occasionally "herd" on wrong choices.

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    Ignacio Monzon
  • Letizia Mencarini

    works on family demography. Recently she has focused on gender equality, equity and happiness as determinants for demographic behavior; i.e., leaving home, entering a union, fertility decisions and divorce.

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    Letizia Mencarini
  • Cristiano Antonelli

    is working on the determinants and the effects of technological change in firms, regions, industries and countries, including the economic analysis of such institutions as intellectual property rights, universities and public research centres.

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    Cristiano Antonelli
  • Stefano Sacchi

    Stefano’s research focuses on the processes, conditions and outcomes of making and implementing social rights in advanced democracies.

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    Stefano Sacchi

25 Apr - 30 Apr 2016

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